Wednesday Morning Workshops 

This Fall 2021 we offer two or three workshops in September, October and November.  We will meet via Zoom from 10:00am until noon.


In the Spring, we offer two live in-person workshops as well as one Zoom workshop in March and April. Live in-person workshops are open to the public.


We hope the workshops will provide an opportunity to broaden one's understanding of weaving and related areas. 

Information on the 2022-2023 Workshops and Lectures will be posted in late July, 2022.

New Guild Challenge for 2021-2023

A new guild challenge has been issued for the 2021-2023 year.  Members may find complete details on the Membership tab under 'Programs'.

The Weavers’ Guild of Boston Study Groups 

As a new benefit to membership and a continuation of our educational charter, the Guild is creating a Study Group program. The Study Group program will be overseen by a Study Group Coordinator, and each Study Group will be independently organized by a Study Group Manager.  Each Study Group will have a section on the website for their private use; to share images or ideas, organize meetings, set up guidelines and topics, etc.

In a Study Group, everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher.  A Study Group is not a class, but is a gathering to share ideas and learning experiences.  We hope our members will want to join in.

Current Study Groups:

Exploring Woven Fabrics by Janet Phillips 

New and Occasional Weavers

Weaving Teachers

WGB connects people seeking weaving instruction with guild members who teach. 

Ratings Program

The Guild offers a weaving ratings program for full members.  Four levels may be achieved by a weaver:  Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Master Plus.  The program is a valuable study guide which offers critical analysis of your work as you progress and bestows recognition on those who meet the standards.

Ratings Cover.jpg

Shannon Mathers - Master Weaver 2020


The Weavers' Guild of Boston is proud to offer copies of the Fuller Craft Museum Exhibit Catalog for the 100th Celebration, our 90th Anniversary book, Interlaced, and several monographs written by members.

WGB Catalog-sm.jpeg


The Library is now open to all Guild members, on the 3rd floor of the Church,  during our meeting days from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM . You are welcome to peruse our shelves and borrow books .  Our catalog is available on-line to view from home.

Members' Samples
March 2022 - Frann Bennett
F. Bennet sample photo.jpg

Members - click on photo to view the draft.

Please consider weaving a sample for the Guild!

Information on the Members Only Programs page.