Wednesday Morning Workshops 

Morning workshops meet via Zoom from 10:00am until noon on meeting days. They provide an opportunity to broaden one's understanding of weaving and related areas. 

Weaving Teachers

WGB connects people seeking weaving instruction with guild members who teach. 

Ratings Program

The Guild offers a weaving ratings program for full members.  Four levels may be achieved by a weaver:  Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Master Plus.  The program is a valuable study guide which offers critical analysis of your work as you progress and bestows recognition on those who meet the standards.

Education Grants

Any full guild member in good standing with at least one year's membership may apply for an Education Grant.  The aggregate lifetime total granted to any one member will be $1000.


The Weavers' Guild of Boston is proud to offer copies of our 90th Anniversary book, Interlaced, and several monographs written by members.

Bringing the Guild Together

Special February Meeting


Beth Guertin, Julia Flanders,

Laurie Steger

and You!

Join us as we spend the day together in the “big room”, celebrating our community of hand weavers!  The morning will focus on participating in our 100th Anniversary special projects, “Weaving for the Fuller Craft Museum”, “Weaving the Challenge scarf for the Charles River Museum”, and the “Covid Closet Cleanup Project”.   


Getting to know one another is the focus as we chat over lunch in small random groups.  We return to the “big room” to participate and enjoy members’ virtual “Show and Tell”.  Concluding the day, we plan to offer a variety of short “Member studio Tours”.

This meeting is free to all!


Due to COVID-19 the library at the Church is currently closed and will remain closed as long as the Guild is meeting virtually. If there is a specific book you would like, please contact the Librarian ( to discuss arrangements for borrowing.

Members' Samples
December 2020 - Beth Guertin
WGB Sample - Guertin 12-2020.jpg
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