We have two levels of membership:  regular and bulletin-only.   All members receive a Yearbook in PDF format that is updated each year.  A current up-to-date copy of the yearbook is always available on the website for regular members.  Optionally you may purchase a printed Yearbook and a 3 ring binder for an additional $10.00.  Please note that the printed Yearbook may already be out-of-date by the time you receive it.  Members also receive the quarterly bulletin by email, including the bulletin sample draft with a scanned woven sample.  Bulletin-only membership is designed for remote members and does not include participation in the Annual Sale, Ratings Program, Teacher and Professional Weaver listings, member pricing for Morning Workshops, or website membership.

Teacher / Professional Weaver Listings

WGB offers a Teacher and/or a Professional Weaver listing in the Yearbook and on the Website to any member.  The Teacher listing includes your contact information and location, your website address if you have one, and your teaching interests.  The Professional Weaver listing includes your contact information, your website address if you have one, and a short description of the products you sell.

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