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Once you become a member, you may set up a website account which is separate from your Guild membership.  Your website account allows you to sign up for classes at a reduced price and to access the Members Only page of the website, which contains an updated members list and much more!  Select New Membership from the options below.

Teacher / Professional Weaver Listings

WGB offers a Teacher and/or a Professional Weaver listing on the website to any member.  The Teacher listing includes your contact information and location, your website address if you have one, and your teaching interests. The Professional Weaver listing includes your contact information, your website address if you have one, and a short description of the products you sell.

To Purchase Click on Your Choices Below

Note:  If you are purchasing on behalf of another person, please enter that person's name and email address in the 'Note' field during checkout.

The Weavers' Guild of Boston occasionally takes photographs at events, meetings, or workshops.  Meetings and Video Workshops are recorded. By attending, you are giving us permission to post images of yourself or your work.  If you wish to restrict our use of such images, please fill in the Opt Out Form.

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