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WGB occasionally takes photographs at workshops, meetings, or special events.  We also record and post videos of the 'Zoom' workshops and our general meetings and afternoon lectures.  These videos are only available to our Guild members.   Note:  Zoom workshop videos will be posted regardless of your choice here.  If you do not wish to be seen, turn off your computer camera during the workshop.


By attending these events you are giving us permission to post these videos or photographs.  If you wish to restrict our use of these items, please fill in the form below.  Use the Special Requests field if you wish to allow photos of your work but not of your person, or vice versa.


*You need only fill in the form once, unless you wish to make changes.

Photography and Media
Opt Out Form

Tell us where we CANNOT post photographs or videos of you or of your work.

Please DO NOT post on the following:

Thank You! We will do our best to honor your wishes.

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