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Weaving on a Straight Eight Twill Threading

Tom Knisely

March 12 - 14, 2020

10 AM – 5 PM daily

Vestry of Congregational Church, Westborough, MA

Level:  All Levels

Attendee Limit: 15

 Just think how wonderful it would be to thread just one pattern, something simple, and have the opportunity to weave a multitude of different fabric patterns.  This workshop will show you how and teach you how to look at a threading and recognize other possibilities within one threading.  I will show you how to change your tie-ups and make changes in the treadling order so that you weave many fabrics on one warp.  We will do drawdowns together so you better understand just what is happening in these new interlacements.  You will weave samples of simple fabrics first and then be shown how to make the necessary changes in the tie-ups to weave fancy twills, rib weaves, false satin, 4 shaft broken twill, rose path and bird eye twill, crepe weave.  Later we will weave M’s and O’s and waffle weave, Monks belt and two-sided fabrics.  We will also explore how to weave double layer twills for blankets.  With a pick-up stick you can create pattern blocks in Summer and Winter weave and you will be comfortable in knowing just how you created it.  This is a fun and eye-opening workshop that weavers of all levels can benefit from.  

Students will be sent a threading draft several weeks prior to the class so they can have the loom warped and ready to weave.  There will also be a material and supply list included with the warping instructions.


Materials Fee: None


Tuition for members:   $ 160.00                                  

For Non-Members:  $ 200.00


Tom Knisely is the resident weaving and spinning instructor for Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center.  Tom has been weaving and spinning for more than four decades.  Tom is a regular contributor to Handwoven Magazine and has done several instructional videos for FW Media on many aspects of weaving.  He has written three books.  His first book is titled Weaving Rag Rugs and the second book is Weaving Baby Blankets.  The third book is titled Weaving Table Linens.

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