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Bobbie Irwin

March 10 - 12, 2022

10 AM - 5 PM daily

Vestry of Congregational Church, Westborough, MA

Attendee Limit: 20  

Fabrics that appear to change color as the light and angle of view change seem almost magical! You don't need gossamer threads or just plain weave to achieve this iridescence in handwoven fabrics. Learn a variety of color, thread, thread size and structure options for creating your own magical iridescent fabrics. Unexpected options include multicolored iridescence (3, 4, or more colors) and unusual variations such as multiple layers and warp- or weft-dominant fabrics, including satin.

On a four-shaft loom, you will create a plain-weave color gamp with a limited range of preassigned warp colors. You have the option of using three, four, five, or six colors in the warp, all closely related on the color wheel (analogous), and will be able to use as many as 24 colors in the weft. Then you will select two weft colors to weave a second, shorter sampler using a variety of twills and other structures. You will be able to examine a large assortment of commercial and handwoven fabric samples to provide inspiration for future projects.

This class is suitable for weavers at all levels, including beginners who know the basics of simple weaves and how to operate their looms. All yarn is provided, for a materials fee of $10 per warp color.

Tuition for members:   $ 200.00                                  

For Non-Members:  $ 245.00

Bobbie Irwin has been weaving since 1973 and teaching for guilds and conferences since 1985. She is a former columnist and freelance editor for Handwoven, Spin-Off, Piecework, and other Interweave publications and has had dozens of articles in textile and craft-business publications in three countries. She has taught in 40 states, plus Canada and Australia. With a background in the sciences, Bobbie loves original research and especially enjoys playing "what-if?" games on her looms in her Montrose, Colorado, studio. She is the author of four textile books, including her most recent, Weaving Iridescence: Color Play for the Handweaver.