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Fall 2024 - Live and Virtual Workshops

September 11, 2024

Carol Birtwistle


Drafting 101 - Designing on Paper

Drafting is a design tool for the weaver - one of the most valuable skills a weaver can possess. The purpose of this workshop is to clarify the development of a weave structure by working with each of the components of the draft: threading, tie-up, and treadling order.

Rhonda Fazio


Color Across the Americas

Environmental Alchemist, Rhonda M. Fazio will take you on an Artist’s journey through Peru via a Power Point presentation.  She will share her experience as an Artist in Residence at the Sacred Valley of the Inca, where she studied with an ancestral dyer, and found a passion for ancient colors.  

Deborah Jarchow

Loving the Rigid Heddle Loom


During the 2-hour session, Deborah will share her love of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. A short PowerPoint presentation will show Deborah’s projects woven on one of these versatile looms. Participants will see how many items can be woven on a small loom, including garments, blankets, bags, and more.


Note: This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop for viewing for 1 week starting on Friday following the workshop.

October 9, 2024

Penny Lacroix

Yarn Explorations

Yarn is the basis of weaving. Weavers need to understand the characteristics of the yarns to understand how to combine yarns to create a textile. In this hands-on explorative class, students will learn together.  Everyone will go home with an extensive set of completed worksheets.

Sally Shore

Mad Weaving with Ribbon

Go a little crazy with mad weave using a selection of ribbons provided. Controlling color and value in ribbon placement can reveal stacked cubes, stars, or pinwheels hidden in the weave structure.  Materials for a star pattern and written instructions will be provided.

Cally Booker

The Two Faces of Twill


This class is all about double-faced twill. That’s not double weave with twill but a way of weaving an ordinary twill fabric with two complementary wefts to create unusual and intriguing patterns. We’ll see how the basic structure is created and gradually build up variations on four shafts, eight shafts, and more.

Note: This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop for viewing for 1 week starting on Friday following the workshop.

November 12, 2024

Jennifer Lee

Mokok Bark Basket

We will be making a small bark basket known as a Mokok. A Mokok is a Northeast woodland Native American-style container made of bark and stitched with spruce roots. They were initially devised to collect valuable items and to store food.

Jill Staubitz

Profile Drafting and Block Weaves

How often have you asked, “I understand how to weave it, but how did you develop those tie-ups?” Somehow, the concept of block weaves and profile drafting mystifies weavers of all levels of weaving experience. Yet, by understanding the basic principles, a weaver has the power to create a profile draft and translate it into cloth, thereby designing and weaving a unique design!

 Karen Donde

Turned Beiderwand: One Threading, Multiple



Although the history of the weave structure known as Beiderwand predates its name, Beiderwand remains a powerful tool for creating contemporary designs. When the traditional draft is turned, converting the customary supplementary weft to a supplementary warp, that power expands exponentially. This presentation will explore Beiderwand's history and traditional drafting and design characteristics

Note: This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop for viewing for 1 week starting on Friday following the workshop.

January - February 2025 Special 3 Day, Multiple Session Virtual Workshop

Three Saturdays:

January 11, 2025
January 18, 2025 
January 25, 2025

Janney Simpson

Deflected Double Weave - Connections, Layers, & Pockets



(2 sessions each day)

Although DDW has been around for quite a long time, it has become an admired weave structure in the past few years due to many weavers exploring additional design variations. I have been exploring DDW for several years and will share my designs with you in this Zoom workshop. Join the DDW fun and discover what you can do with this structure!

Note: This workshop series is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY option for viewing on Sunday following each workshop day and will be available through February 9, 2025.

Winter 2025 - Virtual Meeting

February 12, 2025


Note:  This is a meeting, not a workshop, and attendance is free to all.  Register for this ZOOM meeting by clicking on the 'Events' button on the Meetings Page.

Spring 2025 - Live and Virtual Workshops

March 12, 2025

Robbie LaFLeur

Nordic Adornment: Fuzzy Bands, Fringes and Pom Poms

The workshop will start with compelling images of traditional Scandinavian textile embellishments. Robbie will demonstrate techniques for students to try later, with a booklet for instruction. Small kits will be provided for a class project to demonstrate the magic of wool yarn and steam, and each student will make a keepsake pompom-topped pincushion.



Best Practices - Weaving Tips and Technique

Weavers, let's conquer selvedge angst and uneven results together. With over 40 years of weaving experience, Bettie Zakon-Anderson will share what she considers 'best practices' to improve your weaving. These techniques, often not retained by newer weavers due to the overwhelming initial learning phases, will be presented in a lecture format with visuals.

Michele Belson

Beyond the Shadows: Color, Structure and Value in Weaving


Come at Color Theory from a new direction. Incorporate value and the impact of the relative weights of color to add a new level to your understanding of color theory. Explore how this affects the visual impact of your weaving. We will use paper and pencil activities, yarn wrapping, and woven samples to better understand color in woven structures.

Note: This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop for viewing for 1 week starting on Friday following the workshop.

April 9, 2025

Manon Pelletier

Seam Treatments for Handwoven Garments

This hands-on sewing workshop is for weavers who desire to turn their handwovens into one-of-a-kind garments. One aspect of a well-constructed garment is seam-finishing techniques. For a fee, participants will receive kits containing handwoven samples, sewing notions, and instructions for various seam treatments.

Marjie Thompson


A huswif (housewife) is a small container carried in a pocket in the 17th-19th centuries. It is also known as a 'roll up'; authentic ones sell for hundreds of dollars today. Our goal is to make a huswif that can store small weaving tools, embroidery supplies, or a small jewelry roll for travel.

Cristine Miller

Powered Up Practices


'Powered Up Practice' uses thinking and questioning strategies and Studio Habits of Mind to deepen your fiber arts practice. Whether you have been weaving, spinning, or dyeing for a long time or are just entering the exciting world of the fiber arts, your practice with process, technique, and concept can grow and deepen.

Note: This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop for viewing for 1 week starting on Friday following the workshop.

May 14, 2025

Full day Annual Meeting

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