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Returning Members
If you were a member prior to the 2023-24 year and you have no changes to your previous information, you may skip this form and go directly to the Pay Membership Dues at the bottom of the page.

Joining the Weavers' Guild of Boston

  • allows you to attend classes at a reduced rate,

  • enter the Ratings program,

  • apply for an Education Grant

  • participate in the yearly Guild Challenge

  • borrow from our extensive library

  • participate in the Annual Sale  

  • receive the quarterly Bulletin by email, which includes a scanned woven sample and the draft to weave it


You will receive an ID tag to wear at the meetings.  Membership dues are $45 for the year beginning July 1st through the next June 31st.


Joining the Guild as a first-time member?  Just fill out the form below, press Submit, and then proceed to pay the membership dues of $45.  You will receive a confirmation and your Guild membership number. 


Charles River Museum of  Industry and Innovation Exhibit








Make check payable to Weavers' Guild of Boston and send it to

Weavers' Guild of Boston, c/o Beth Guertin, 170 Arlington Street, Leominster, MA 01453

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Please submit this form before paying your dues!

Thanks for joining. Click below to pay your membership dues.

The Weavers' Guild of Boston occasionally takes photographs at events, meetings, or workshops.  Meetings and Video Workshops are recorded. By attending, you are giving us permission to post images of yourself or your work.  If you wish to restrict our use of such images, please fill in the Opt Out Form.

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