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Founded in 1922, the Weavers' Guild of Boston is the oldest weavers' guild in the United States. With over 300 members worldwide, our monthly meetings aim to educate members and the general public in the artistic and technical aspects of handweaving and to advance the standards of handweaving.

Members also enjoy a choice of two to four workshops each meeting (workshop registration begins August 15), a quarterly Bulletin (which includes a handweaving draft with instructions), an extensive library, a Ratings program, education grants, special extended workshops, and participation in our Annual Sale and Exhibit.

The Guild meets the second Wednesday of the month from September to November and from February to May.  Guests are always welcome.

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Read the stories behind the photos in Interpreting Change: Weavers' Guild of Boston 1922-2022, the Fuller Craft Museum Catalog

Looking Ahead to the February 2023 Meeting:
Weavers' Guild of Boston Textile Travelogue

Red velvet fabric is being woven on an antique 19th century Jacquard loom at Soierie Saint-Georges in Lyon, France, a silk shop specializing in antique reproduction fabrics for museums and elite estates, as well as haute couture.  This tiny silk workshop is filled with the vintage equipment to create beautiful fabrics from eras gone by.  “I wanted to lie down on the floor with my arms out and get transported back in time.” recalls Laurie Steger. Laurie will share more pictures and talk about this unique silk shop during Textile Travelogue: Members' Experiences in February

What is Your Story?  Where will you take us?
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