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Jan. 14-20, 2022 - Developing Ideas for Visual Inspiration
Jan. 21-27, 2022 – Exploring Handwoven Velvet
Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2022 – Ondule Weaving
Feb. 4-24, 2022 - Designing Woven Fabrics: Parts 1, 2 & 3

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Founded in 1922, the Weavers' Guild of Boston is the oldest weavers' guild in the United States.  With over 260 members worldwide, our monthly meetings aim to educate members and the general public in the artistic and technical aspects of handweaving and to advance the standards of handweaving.

Members also enjoy a choice of two to four workshops each meeting (workshop registration begins August 15), a quarterly Bulletin (which includes a handweaving draft with instructions), an extensive library, a Ratings program, education grants, special extended workshops, and participation in our Annual Exhibit and Sale.

The Guild meets the second Wednesday of the month from September to November and from February to May.  Guests are always welcome.

Photo by Helen Sandoz

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Morning Program: Indigenous Design: Our Members’ Experience

Afternoon Lecture:  Intersections of Indigenous Design & Art: Issues on the Ethics of Trade, Cultural Appropriation and Marketplaces for Indigenous Communities – Dakota Mace, Artist-in-Residence, Boston University

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WGB Members' Study Groups on Zoom  


Look for information on the Education Tab and sign-up on the Study Group page.


  • Coverlets - Explore design elements of early American handwoven coverlets.

  • Double Weave - Weave through Doubleweave Revised & Expanded by Jennifer Moore.

  • Exploring Woven Fabrics by Janet Phillips - Study Exploring Woven Fabrics by Janet Phillips. 

  • Journeyman Ratings - an informal forum for peers to discuss ideas, provide inspiration and share progress. 

  • New and Occasional Weavers - From first years of learning to weave along with those who haven’t been weaving very often, a look at basics and specific interests.


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