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Dean's Message - November2022

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Dear Members,


Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Inspiration is one of the intangible but highly valued benefits we gain by our membership in the Weavers’ Guild of Boston.  


As weavers, we are most often practicing our craft alone.  Yet, simply attending a meeting, whether in person or virtually, we are joined by other weavers of all different backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels.  Here, in our community, we are exposed to enthusiastic greetings, conversations, and “show and tell” opportunities. Just being in a room full of weavers elevates one’s ability to feel connected with others who share our passion for interlacing yarns.


With our Annual Sale, every member has another opportunity for inspiration!  The last update from Carol McClennen, our Sale Chair, included a sale inventory of over 1,300 items.  These  lovely handwoven items included scarves, clothing, towels, placemats, runners, and blankets. 

The sale also included handknit items, jewelry, cards and more.  


The WGB’s mission is to educate our members and the general public in the artistic and technical development of hand weaving. It aims to raise the standard of hand weaving through educational programs, workshops and Ratings.  Our Morning Workshops Chair, Penny Lacroix welcomes your ideas and feedback.  Another Committee member is needed, in order to support the development of another year of inspirational programs.  Step up, and help with the planning!


As all weavers have questions, regardless of their experience, we all value the WGB Library. Head upstairs to visit one of our most valuable Guild membership benefits. Become familiar with our resources by linking to the catalog of holdings from our website/education tab. Seek out the assistance of our library Chair, Nancy Flood.  


Our afternoon lecture series provides ample inspiration, as our Associate Dean, Laurie Carlson Steger introduces you to a wide variety of speakers from near and far.  Laurie has developed a February virtual meeting that falls under the umbrella of inspiration.  The “Textile Travelogue” is open for your participation!  What is your story?  Where will you take us?  See the details for joining on our website/education tab. The deadline is December 1st.


For those members who wish to advance their learning through a self paced progression of weaving education, speak with Ruth Buchman, our WGB Ratings Chair.  The details are all located on the website/education tab.  With this journey, the individual weaver can gain confidence and credentials, working at their own pace to gain knowledge, skills, and inspiration for weaving over a course of time.


 Join us, whether in person or via Zoom.  We inspire one another!




Other Volunteer Opportunities

Don't want to serve on a committee, but still want to help?  Use the 'Contact Us' form to let the Dean know what you can do to help.

  • Bring a dessert to a meeting

  • Work at our Annual Sale

  • Weave a sample

  • Demonstrate weaving 

  • House a speaker

  • Be a Greeter at our meetings

  • Sponsor a book for the Library

  • Help at a Yarn Sale

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