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Dean's Message - May 2024
Laurie Steger

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Guild as Dean. 

A long time ago, when I first joined the Guild, Marlene Marchilena gave a presentation that imprinted my idea of the WGB.  I remember her vibrant energy and confidence.  As a recent college graduate, employed full time, I rarely attended meetings, then lapsed my membership.   Many years passed, until re-joining was possible.  At my first meeting back, I was invited into the 100th Committee.  The team, working together, produced two impressive exhibitions to demonstrate the integrity with which our Guild members pursue their love of weaving.  Some of the precious moments were reading notebooks and letters written by early members, the tidbits were a peek into the lives from times of elegant penmanship and handwritten drafts. They also were promoting a common goal for sales, educational programs, and a space to share their learning experience.  As a nostalgia fan, I felt a growing commitment to the Guild and made friends.  

When Eileen asked if I would step into the Associate Dean position, whose duty was to prepare programs for our afternoon meetings, I was thrilled to be considered. Realizing it leads to becoming the Dean, I thought of Juliet’s famous words, when she was asked about marriage, “It is an honor I dream not of”.  After some thought, I humbly accepted.  I observed our members for clues to popular topics, and asked for input for inspiring programs.  I enjoyed building relationships with our evolving Board.  I witnessed the work of the various committees who take the reins to provide the benefits such as the annual sale, workshops and all the communicational media.  

I’ve grown into the role as Dean, following strong leadership, who will continue to support me and the Guild.  Please reach out to me directly with your ideas and opinions.  I will listen.  Recently, there have been many ‘re-joining’ members who are able to find time for weaving again.  My hope is that our established members find them, invite them into their activities, and provide a connection.  Thank you all for being a part of our growing Guild community. 

Weave good stuff this summer, and come back to tell us all about it.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Don't want to serve on a committee, but still want to help?  Use the 'Contact Us' form to let the Dean know what you can do to help.

  • Bring a dessert to a meeting

  • Work at our Annual Sale

  • Weave a sample

  • Demonstrate weaving 

  • House a speaker

  • Be a Greeter at our meetings

  • Sponsor a book for the Library

  • Help at a Yarn Sale

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