The Weavers’ Guild of Boston has a multitude of talented and generous weavers who contribute to our education.  Their teaching, writing, volunteering, exhibitions, sales, and demonstrations touch not only our guild but the larger weaving community and the public. It is our pleasure to honor the members who light our path. Many of the awards are named in memory of earlier guild luminaries.

How Awards Are Decided

Each year the current Dean appoints three past Deans to serve on the Awards Committee. The committee accepts award nominations from current members by a date specified by the Dean. To be considered, nominees must be seconded in writing by two or more members. The committee discusses the nominations and sometimes seeks further input from more members. Awards are decided by the committee, passed by the Dean, and presented at the May meeting. Some years we recognize one or two weavers, other years, eight or more. Occasionally the committee designates two deserving recipients for a single award.

How to Nominate a Member

Members in good standing are invited to nominate current members. An exception may be made for a long-term member who has dropped out for certain reasons. Read the criteria for each award carefully to get a good match. For example, service awards should not be given simply for doing a job, but for going "above and beyond" or holding multiple jobs over time.

Your recommendation should say in a paragraph or a page why this weaver deserves the honor this year. It does not need to be fancy, but specific details help make your case.

E-mail your nomination to the head of the awards committee by the date specified. The chances of your nominee winning are improved by working together with others to write in the person’s favor. You may be asked to provide more details. Selections from your words may be used when making the award.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is awarded to a Guild member who has made a major contribution in the fiber field.

Distinguished Achievement Award

The Distinguished Achievement Award honors a Guild member who has achieved the Master Weaver rating and has made a major contribution in the fiber field on the national level.

Mary Merrill Distinguished Achievement Award

This award honors a highly skilled member weaver who has made a major contribution at the national level. It is named for Mary Merrill, who served as WGB Dean (1970-1972), among other positions, and was a gifted tapestry weaver.

Dorothy Glowacki Award

The Dorothy Glowacki Celebratory Award is given to a younger, newer member who exhibits steady progress and merits recognition.

Helen Barrett Award

The Helen Barrett Award is given to a Guild member whose service has made her/him of outstanding value to The Weavers' Guild of Boston.

Constance Gallagher Award

The Constance Gallagher Award is presented for excellence in one or more of the following areas: linen weaving, teaching, research or meticulous craftsmanship.

Deborah Berry Award

The Deborah Berry Award is given to a deserving and promising weaver to celebrate that person’s interest and skill.

Celebration of Weaving Life Award

This award is given in memory of the weavers who died during the past year. In 2019 the award was given in memory of guild member Rosita (Rosie) Corey (#753).

Non-WGB Award Winners

We are proud of our members, who frequently earn recognition from other organizations for their fiber art and their publications.

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