Welcome, Weaving Enthusiasts!

Founded in 1922, the Weavers' Guild of Boston is the oldest and one of the largest weavers' guilds in the United States. Guild programs educate members and the general public in the artistic and technical aspects of handweaving, and serve to advance the standards of handweaving. WGB also functions as a regional gathering for New England weavers, with many members belonging to one or more local guilds.

Weaving Education and Community:

Do you want to learn to weave? Deepen your knowledge and skills? Meet other weavers? The Weavers' Guild of Boston offers programs that support the full range of members' interests from traditional to cutting edge.

doubleweave workshop


  • Workshops on a variety of subjects for every level;
  • Lectures by renowned weavers, artists and textile scholars;
  • Multi-day Programs offering in-depth study with nationally known teachers;
  • Weaving Teachers, Guild members offering individual and classroom instruction.
Ratings Titles

Achieve Weaving Credentials:

  • Through the Guild's Ratings program, a self-directed study guide offering critical analysis of your work, you can progress through levels of achievement in weaving, from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master to Master Plus.

items for sale

Buy One-of-a-Kind Handwovens:

  • You will find the largest selection of original handwoven articles in New England at the
    annual Exhibit and Sale where you can see
    and purchase work by Guild Members.

Join A Weaving Community:

  • At monthly Guild meetings, and in study groups, members share their inspirations and creations. Through member generated Publications and nationwide Affiliations, the Guild actively promotes the craft and art of handweaving.
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We welcome all who are interested to join us in our pursuit of the craft and art of handweaving.

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