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Starting a Weavers' Guild of Boston Study Group
Do you want to start your own group?  Here's how!

If you (and your friends) have an idea for a Study Group (SG), here are some easy steps to get started.

Contact the SG Coordinator: Sara White -                                                              (

Sara will contact Helen Sandoz, the Webmaster. 

Be prepared to talk about and submit a description/purpose of your group. Identify one member to be the SG Manager with contact information.

Position Expectations of a SG Manager: She observes the functioning of the study group, helps in discussions and provides email, scheduling, and assistance with Zoom. She connects with the SG Coordinator and helps to recruit members. She works with the Webmaster to update the private SG webpage with photos and content. 

Expectations of SG Members: Group members are responsible for sharing learning and knowledge, ‘everyone is a student; everyone is a teacher’; and for taking part in the tasks needed to successfully run a study group. 

Once the name of the New Group shows up on the website under the SG listings, you can expect WGB members to sign up. The sign-up forms will be sent to the SG Manager and SG Coordinator. You can encourage group membership by reaching out to WGB friends. 

When the group has enough new members (between 3 – 10), the SG Manager can propose an initial meeting (Zoom or In-Person) to start the group rolling. (See Zoom Guidelines to the right.) 

Guidelines for Organizing a Study Group

Weaving Study Groups have been in existence ever since the act of weaving attracted a gathering of local weavers. Here are some tried and true considerations: 

  • Study Group Purpose/Topics: Purpose can include sub-topics. Topics are subject to group discussion. Topics can end and change to a new topic.

  • Group Membership is a Shared Responsibility: Decision-making, sharing ideas & learning experiences, leading discussions, providing research /notes, managing zoom calls. Opening or closing an SG to new members is a group decision. 

  • Logistics for the Study Group Meetings: How often to meet? Day / Time / Frequency

  • Anticipated duration: Meet for a half-year? a year? Some study groups continue to meet with changing members over the course of years, even decades.

  • Supporting the private SG webpage: This is a benefit offered by the Guild. Use it to enrich your SG. Submit your stories, and photos for viewing by your SG membership.

  • Guild Expectations: the SG Coordinator will report yearly on the status of the Study Groups at the Annual May Meeting, SG Managers and members should expect to assist her.

Guide for Study Group Zoom meetings

If the study group does not meet in person, it is responsible for its own Zoom meetings. One member should have a Zoom account to act as the Host.  A free account (for a 40 minute session) is available on

How to Use Zoom — Video Instructions are available at Zoom's Resource Center - - or on YouTube.

The Host will send out Zoom invitations to all SG members, admit attendees into the meeting, and remind the group of general protocol: mute / chat / share screen.  A designated Co-host can help with the tasks involved.

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