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If you withdraw:

In-Person and Zoom Workshops:  

  • One month or more prior to the workshop you will be offered a choice to receive a refund, less our processing costs, or a credit to apply to another workshop. 

  • Between one month and two weeks prior to the workshop you will receive a credit to apply to another workshop.  

  • Within two weeks of the workshop date, workshop fees will not be refunded.

3-Day/3-Session Workshops: (in-person or Zoom)

  • One month or more prior to the workshop you will  receive a refund, less our processing costs. 

  • Between one month and two weeks prior to the workshop you will receive a refund (minus fees) only if your spot can be filled.

  • Within two weeks of the workshop date, fees will not be refunded.


Double/Triple Registration:

  • If you register multiple times for the same workshop you will receive a credit toward another workshop and no refund.

Books and Monographs:  

  • We do not accept returns on books or monographs.


  • Dues and Fees will not be refunded.


Date:  March 13, 2024, 10-12 am

Instructor:  Angie Parker

Workshop Description:  Under the guidance of Angie Parker you will learn the essential aspects of weaving Krokbragd, with step-by-step demonstrations via Zoom.


The session will focus on learning the basics of the technique, studying a selection of popular patterns, and how to achieve impeccable selvedges. There will be time to explore finishing processes, different setts, and various applications. Students can work on table looms with a minimum of three shafts or floor looms. For the purpose of the workshop, a sample warp will be recommended. (Details to follow.) There will be time for Q&A at the end of the session and any weaving issues arising during the session will be answered as we go along.

Supplies: Threading instructions, tie-ups and materials will be sent out before the class.
Materials/Handouts Fee: none
Attendee Limit: 22

Note: This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop on the weekend (Friday noon to Sunday) following the live Zoom presentation. Please choose the VIDEO ONLY workshop if you will not be able to attend at the live Zoom workshop time slot.

Instructor Bio: Angie Parker hand weaves distinctive and intricate rugs and textile art, and specializes in long established techniques, such as Krokbragd.

After being taught rug weaving at art college in the 1990s, she pursued a career in costume for a number of years whilst continuing to weave on small scale collections. During this time, she developed the original style for which she has become known since setting up her business.

She combines her weaving with an instinctive and daring approach to color, and it’s the creative process of importing a contemporary element to the time honored techniques of weaving and the responses from the viewer which most excite her.

A year spent living in India and more recently, the dynamic graffiti and houses in her Bristol neighborhood, have influenced the fabulously joyful palette which is intrinsic to her weaving.

Working in reclaimed high quality rug wool and a variety of other yarns, she meticulously hand-weaves and finishes all the original pieces herself in her Bristol, UK studio. Some of her designs are then produced in small batches through various partnerships.

Learn to Weave Krokbragd

  • This workshop is offered as a ZOOM Workshop ONLY.  A video of the workshop will also be available for viewing at noon on Friday through 5 pm on Sunday of the weekend following the workshop.

     Only members of the Weavers' Guild of Boston may attend.

    You will received an emailed link and reminder a few days prior to the session.

Please select all your items or classes before you check out.

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