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In-Person and Zoom Workshops:  

  • One month or more prior to the workshop you will be offered a choice to receive a refund, less our processing costs, or a credit to apply to another workshop. 

  • Between one month and two weeks prior to the workshop you will receive a credit to apply to another workshop.  

  • Within two weeks of the workshop date, workshop fees will not be refunded.

3-Day/3-Session Workshops: (in-person or Zoom)

  • One month or more prior to the workshop you will  receive a refund, less our processing costs. 

  • Between one month and two weeks prior to the workshop you will receive a refund (minus fees) only if your spot can be filled.

  • Within two weeks of the workshop date, fees will not be refunded.


Double/Triple Registration:

  • If you register multiple times for the same workshop you will receive a credit toward another workshop and no refund.

Books and Monographs:  

  • We do not accept returns on books or monographs.


  • Dues and Fees will not be refunded.


Date:  April 9, 2025

Instructor: Marjie Thompson

Workshop Description:  A huswif (housewife) is a small container carried in a pocket in the 17th-19th centuries. It is also known as a 'roll up'; authentic ones sell for hundreds of dollars today. Our goal is to make a huswif that can store small weaving tools, embroidery supplies, or a small jewelry roll for travel. The finished size is approximately 12'' long and 5'' wide. A piece of handwoven fabric is suggested for the outside; commercially woven linen is the lining, and the three pockets on the inside may be of handwoven fabric [a stitched piece may be used for one pocket]. The whole assembly is bound with twill tape or an inkle band for the intrepid inklers. I will bring the linen for lining in a choice of colors and counts [the top of this may be personalized by cross stitching] and some binding tape. It is fun to weave your fabric in your choice of colors!! As you can see from the above, only a little is needed. A 12'' square is enough. Trading with others and getting into my stash will give you even more choices of fabrics [sometimes too many choices!!], and the outside and inside should be different fabrics. The only caveat is that you want to avoid a pocket fabric that will let objects 'escape' through the weave [unless you are okay with fusible interfacing on the back of the fabric]. Anything heavier than a 10/2 cotton or linen tends to get bulky when the layers are combined. This project will go home finished or nearly so, depending upon how much stitched decoration you want on your huswif. The sewing will be done by hand, so a thimble, scissors, magnification, and light are suggested.


Supplies: Participants may wish to weave fabric or find scraps for pockets and the back of the huswif. Marjie will supply linen for lining, tape for binding, and needles and thread for hand sewing.

Materials/Handouts Fee: none

Attendee Limit: 22


Instructor Bio:  Marjie Thompson enjoys being "stuck' in the pre-20th century weaving world. She focuses on the textiles produced at home and by professional weavers. Marjie enjoys adapting these weaves to contemporary colors and uses. She is the coordinator of the Complex Weavers "Early Weaving Books and Manuscripts" study group, the “Preserving Our Past” study group, past president of NEWS, a past Dean of the Weavers’ Guild of Boston, past president of Complex Weavers, an active guild member Weavers' Guild of Boston, past president of the New Hampshire Weavers' Guild, and a member of many study groups including Cross Country Weavers. Her woven pieces have received the HGA and Handwoven’s Weaving for the Home Award. Marjie is one of a handful of weavers who was awarded the title “Weaver of Distinction” from NEWS in both the gallery and fashion shows. She is the co-author of Forgotten Pennsylvania Textiles of the 18th and 19th Centuries, The Huck Pattern Collection, Miniature Patterns for Weaving by Josephine Estes, and the editor of The Gartner Manuscript. Her articles have appeared in Weavers, Handwoven, Complex Weavers Journal, Shuttle, Spindle, & Dyepot, and The Spinning Wheel Sleuth’s Loom Supplement.


  • In-person workshop at the April meeting.  

    10am - 12 noon

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