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Winter Series 2022

The 2022 Winter Series offers Guild members an opportunity to view the Morning Workshop recordings from the Fall 2021 season.  Each video will be available to registered attendees for 7 days, during which time you can watch as often as you wish with full video control such as pause, back up, and fast forward. Handouts for each workshop will be available for download on the website video page.  In addition, we are offering all three sessions of Janet Phillips' workshop on Designing Woven Fabric during a 3 week period in February.

January 14-20,2022

Ellen Hess

Developing Color Ideas from Visual Inspiration Images

A weaver’s voice comes through the use of color, pattern and texture. But where do we get our color inspiration? We see beautiful paintings, landscapes or photographs and respond viscerally to the color combinations, but we may be challenged in applying the colors effectively to handwoven cloth or other fiber arts. Woven designers often work from an existing color palette provided by a Trend Forecast service. They have to use those colors to develop a new line of fabrics.

January 21-27, 2022

Wendy Landry

 Velvet for Contemporary Handweavers

Wendy presents the principles of handwoven velvet, and  techniques and loom adaptations  for contemporary exploration. She shows how it can be made on the simplest of frame looms with weighted warp systems. She discusses how  common 4 and 8 shaft looms can be used by contemporary handweavers to explore velvet pile textures, velvets with brocade, and even polychrome options with two pile warps, to make images using pick-up techniques.

January 28 - February 3

Margaret Arafat

Ondulé Weaving

An ondulé or fan reed is no longer a total mystery to the weaving community.  Knowing how to use one, however, is another thing.  If you’ve never seen one or really don’t know what one is, you can learn a bit about this unique weaving tool.

Margaret talks about some of the challenges a weaver faces with an ondulé reed, from designing a pattern and choosing the yarn to finishing the woven piece; challenges that move beyond weaving with a conventional reed.  You will see samples and finished pieces.  Because we learn from what works, and especially what does not, Margaret will share some of her mistakes, too.  In addition, there will be video demonstrations on how to use the reed on table and floor looms.  You are invited to take a short ride down the slippery slope that Margaret finds so rewarding.

February 4-25, 2022

Janet Phillips

Designing Woven Fabrics

Parts 1-3

This 3 part workshop is based on the text of Janet’s book ‘Designing Woven Fabrics’.  Janet addresses how to construct a multiple-sectioned sample blanket or gamp, and explores design options with a 2/2 twill weave structure. Janet covers understanding weave structure, threading plans, lifting plans, tie-up plans and treadling plans.  Design criteria include: color and weave, joining weaves, choosing color, designing stripes, yarn and fiber, sett, and dyeing techniques.

The first session focuses on understanding the construction of the 2/2 twill weave structure, and developing different threading plans that can be woven side by side on the sample blanket.

In the second session, Janet focuses on design criteria which can be applied to the patterns in the sample blanket to enable original fabrics to be woven.

And finally, the third session continues the focus on design criteria which can be applied to the patterns in the sample blanket to enable original fabrics to be woven.

(all 3 sessions available for all 3 weeks)

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