Instructor:  Bobbie Irwin

Workshop Description: Weaving with Space-Dyed Yarn

Space-dyed yarns—those with a sequence of colors—are tempting, yet they can be frustrating to work with. Learn how to use these yarns to their best advantage and how to help predict the results. We’ll discuss combining them effectively with solid-colored yarns, manipulating warp and weft, and choosing effective weave structures. We’ll analyze space-dyed yarns to look for color repeats and experiment with shifting, tapestry-like patterns.


This class is suitable for weavers at all levels. Bring at least 10 yards each of one or more space-dyed yarns (not spot-dyed), on cones or balls; 3 distinct colored pencils or markers; graph paper (4 or 5 squares per inch).


Supplies:  None

Materials/Handouts Fee:  None

Attendee Limit:  20


Instructor Bio: Bobbie Irwin has been weaving since 1973 and teaching for guilds and conferences since 1985. She is a former columnist and freelance editor for Handwoven, Spin-Off, Piecework, and other Interweave publications and has had dozens of articles in textile and craft-business publications in three countries. She has taught in 40 states, plus Canada and Australia. With a background in the sciences, Bobbie loves original research and especially enjoys playing "what-if?" games on her looms in her Montrose, Colorado, studio. She is the author of four textile books, including her most recent, Weaving Iridescence: Color Play for the Handweaver.

Weaving with Space-Dyed Yarn - March 9, 2022


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