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Date:  April 10, 2024, 10-12 am

Instructor:  Norma Smayda

Workshop Description:  This workshop is based on the original overshot threading drafts of William Henry Harrison Rose, AKA Weaver Rose. We will begin with a brief history of Weaver Rose and the time period in which he worked. His original drafts were written in a way common to weavers of his era, but not easily interpreted by weavers of today. I will show you how to interpret them and give you examples to work on. This section of the workshop will be a PowerPoint presentation, allowing you to see his charming threading drafts and his original woven work, my woven samples as I have interpreted them, and two of his looms. These looms are still in use at the Saunderstown Weaving School. We will discuss traditional overshot as we currently draft it, concentrating on threading, tie-up, and treadling. There will be time for participants to write out overshot drafts using standard threading and treadling principles and time for Q& A. Ultimately, you may choose to create your own overshot design. 


Supplies:  paper, graph paper, pencil, and eraser
Materials/Handouts Fee:  None
Attendee Limit:  22
Note:  This workshop is also offered as a VIDEO ONLY workshop on the weekend (Friday noon to Sunday) following the live Zoom presentation. Please choose the VIDEO ONLY workshop if you will not be able to attend at the live Zoom workshop time slot.

Instructor Bio:  Norma Smayda, Master Weaver, teacher, juror, exhibitor, and author, trained in hand weaving and related fiber arts in Norway and received an MFA in Visual Design from the University of MA-Dartmouth. In 1974 she established and continues to run the Saunderstown (RI) Weaving School. She has received the Weavers’ Guild of Boston Distinguished Achievement Award, the New England Weavers Seminar Weaver of Distinction, and the Handweavers Guild of America Award for Excellence. In 1974 she acquired a windfall of many Weaver Rose handwritten threading drafts. She has worked with the Wednesday Weavers to decipher his threadings and has researched his life.

Weaver Rose: Overshot and More

  • This workshop is offered as a ZOOM Workshop ONLY.  A video of the workshop will also be available for viewing at noon on Friday through 5 pm on Sunday of the weekend following the workshop.

     Only members of the Weavers' Guild of Boston may attend.

    You will received an emailed link and reminder a few days prior to the session.

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  • Between one month and two weeks prior to the workshop you will receive a credit to apply to another workshop.  

  • Within two weeks of the workshop date, workshop fees will not be refunded.

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