Instructor: Penny Lacroix 

Workshop Description: Learn how to design and weave a V-shaped shawl on a single warp, with no seams! The class starts with a review of double weave on 4 shafts, appropriate for all levels of weavers. The techniques will then be applied by demonstration to show participants how to use them to weave a V-shawl or scarf. Expect “Aha!” moments! The class then turns to design and how the choice of warp color patterns changes the final product. 

Handouts: Available for download on the video page

Materials/Handouts Fee: None

Students should bring colored pencils, markers or crayons. 

Attendee Limit: Unlimited

Teacher Bio: Penny Lacroix is a weaver, spinner, teacher, historian, manager, learner, creator and general lover of all things fiber. When she’s not actively learning something, she’s sharing with others in one way or another –making something by hand, demonstrating at historic events, or teaching a class. With past careers as an engineer, a mom, a museum educator and a museum director, and as a historical reenactor, her worlds collide in the creation of textiles and the study of historic textile tools. Penny is co-chair of the Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild and teaches weaving and spinning. She lives in Westford, MA with her husband and their furry friends.

Doubleweave V-Shaped Shawl on 4 Shafts - July 21-27,2021

  • Doubleweave V Shaped Shawl video will be available July 21 - 27, 2021 at this link:

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