Session 2 of 2

Prerequisite: Session 1

Instructor: Beth Guertin

Workshop Description: The Beat Goes On…….The Heartbeat and Rhythm of the Nation: Music and Color through the Decades: a Weaver's Interpretation.

preparation for the guild's 100th Celebration, weave a scarf based on a popular musical score. Participants will choose a popular musical song (not classical music) from 1922 to the present that has meaning for them. Next, participants will research the colors that were popular during the time the song was popular. Using the musical score as your threading and the color trends of that period design a scarf with the finished dimensions of 10” wide by 80” long plus 6” long twisted fringe. The participant may choose any tie-up and treadling.

This workshop will teach you how to use a musical score to create a warp threading and discuss possible weave structures, tie-up and treadling, as well as how to research the color trends of the piece of music you chose.  The second session in April will look at each participant’s work.  The scarf patterns will be made into a “book” which each participant will receive during the summer of 2020.  The pieces will be used for the annual sale exhibit and towards our cascading waterfall of scarves for the 100thanniversary celebration.


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Attendee Limit: Room capacity


Guild Challenge - Music and Color through the Decades


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