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Updated: Nov 5

"This is where you can find the archived articles from WeaveZine, the one-time online magazine. WeaveZine is no longer in production, but as weaving is timeless, so is the content within this archive."

Syne Mitchell, developed this online magazine, and posted articles and blogs to share. She recruited well-known weavers to write about their work and offers this collection of archives to the public.

(left) Syne Mitchell

The quotations in this blog posting and the image of Syne Mitchell are from an interview conducted by The Woolery and posted on Feb 9, 2016. https://woolery.com/blog/an-interview-with-syne-mitchell/

"Having Judith MacKenzie as my first teacher was a stroke of luck. Not only did she teach me good weaving practices, but she taught me how to continue learning about weaving after the class ended.

She pointed me at Marguerite Davison's Handweaver's Pattern Book and Peggy Osterkamp's first three books, among others.

But the best advice she gave me was this: Keep records of what you weave. Samples of the yarn, samples of the fabric off the loom and after washing, details about sett, warp length, shrinkage after washing. By doing so, you can learn from yourself, the loom, and the weaving."

(right) An example of a posting from the WeaveZine Article Archive:

Give it a Twist: Doup Leno by Irma Spaargaren on November 30, 2008

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