TWIST presents the Spring 2021 Journal

Tablet Weaver’s International Studies & Techniques (TWIST)

The Spring 2021 Journal is available!

TWIST is a volunteer-run international organization for tablet weavers. Also known as card weaving, tablet weaving can produce remarkably complex pieces, such as those displayed on this page, with very simple equipment: a pack of perforated cards. TWIST produces three journals annually.

Bands created by Friedrich Hochegger

Photos by artist

The Spring Journal has many new topics to check out!

- Tablet weaving using an ancient pattern found in Austria, dating to 800-400-BCE

- Weaving a band that “turns” the corner

- The many ways in which band weavers finish their bands

- How to use tablets for pick-up weaving on the loom

- Different techniques for tablet weaving a peacock pattern

© 2021, pattern and most of the bands by Barbara Scheel

The image from the All Posts page is from: © 2021 by Marilyn Romatka, All photography by Shutter and Shuttle LLC

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