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Updated: Nov 5

Thrumming stories of People, Culture, and Cloth

Described as a true visionary, Linda Ligon is a major contributor to making weaving accessible through print and online sources. Linda founded Interweave Magazine in 1975 and Handwoven Magazine in 1979. At Handwoven, Linda was the Creative Director and spent many years traveling and talking to weavers, spinners, and handcraft artists across the globe, bringing her ideas about fiber arts home to share. Handwoven Magazine is now under operations as Longthread Media, where Linda maintains her partnership. Linda Ligon is the publisher of the website: and the owner of Thrums Book Publishing Company.

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"Think of the burble of joy you’ve felt watching somebody’s baby take its first staggering, drunken toddler steps. Or seeing the first tips of daffodils poke up in spring. Those little things that make you laugh inside and think how good it all is. I’ve often had that same feeling when a piece of cloth I’m weaving comes together with a color surprise or a bit of texture or pattern that works better than I ever dreamed it could. Or when the luscious colors of a variegated roving slip through my fingers at the wheel, making sunrise magic.

We use weaving and spinning as metaphors for life

because weaving and spinning connect us to our rich past.

because weaving and spinning connect our brains to our very own hands.

because weaving and spinning connect us to each other."

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