Susan Poague's Blog

Updated: Nov 5

Susan is re-exploring the joys of weaving circles and shares her improved Turned Taquete draft of circles. The original draft resulted in postings on FB and elsewhere where many weavers shared their circle products. Susan's latest post published in her Iowaweaver Blog is dated August 22, 2020.

She also discusses the importance of a liftplan in visualizing the weave structure:

(Quoted from her Aug 22 posting.)

" [A liftplan is a treadling scheme which is particularly useful for floor looms having a direct tie-up, one shaft per treadle; for dobby looms, mechanical or computer; and for table looms. The tie-up part of the layout is either empty or appears as a straight diagonal line.] I am a very visual person, and as it turns out, I find that liftplans are infinitely better for visualizing a weave design. Consider the Turned Taqueté draft in liftplan mode:"

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