Study on Turned Taqueté Post #6

Denise Kovnat and Eva Stossel - Turned Taqueté

The list of important contributors to the world of turned taqueté goes on. These two weavers are only a sample of the next generation who have explored turned taqueté through published blog writings, and postings of beautiful woven items. In particular, Kovnat and Stossel have also won awards, published through Complex Weavers Journal and taught workshops nationally.

From posts about Becker, Schlein, Stubenitsky, and Inouye, we have gained much about the characteristics of Jin or Turned Taqueté: the design carried by the warp threads, the tabby structure carried by the weft, the presence of echo threading and parallel threading, telescoping and digitizing and the use of network drafts. The last two weavers in this series share their recent explorations below:

Denise Kovnat

Denise Kovnat: From her Blog, Random Acts of Color, “The Warp that Keeps on Giving: Jin, Double Weave, Shadow Weave and Warp Rep All on One Threading”, July 17, 2017.

Denise Kovnat – “Summer’s Lease” juried into the fashion show at Handweavers Guild of America Convergence July 6-12, 2018.

Eva Stossel

Turned Taquete Variation, fabric for pillow woven on 12 shafts, pearl cotton warp & acrylic weft, 2015

An image of Stossel winding her warp for the pillow (draft above), with 4 different colors of 5/2 pearl cotton yarn, “You may also notice the rug in the photo, that is a summer & winter, weft-faced taqueté rug that I wove years ago”

All Stossel images (including the turned taqueté pillow on the All Posts page) are from:

Photos by artist.


Denise Kovnat’s website:

Bonnie Inouye’s website:

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