Study on Turned Taqueté Post #4

Marion Stubenitsky and Turned Taqueté Variations

In Weaving with Echo and Iris, Stubenitsky takes us on an impressive weaving journey. We are introduced to a beautiful exploration of woven iridescence whose patterns can include characteristics of Shadow Weave, Rep Weave, Echo Weave, Moiré, Turned Taqueté, and Turned Samitum. In the preface, Stubenitsky shares the meaning of the title, “…the book is based on anything that can be woven on an echo threading…and the personification with the rainbow and love of color.” (Stubenitsky, p3)

The example below is of Stubenitsky’s set of turned taqueté mats created in 2020.

Photo Credit: Joe Coca

The personification of stubenitsky's love of color is denoted in the warp colors indicated in the (partial) drawdown from Stubenitsky’s mats. We can see the influence of Schlein’s echo design lines in the warp patterns.

From: Stubenitsky, Marian, “Iridescent Echoes Table Mats” Handwoven p3

In the treadling graph (above) we also see the tabby “ground” indicated and note the unusual shaft order. The complete drawdown is available from Handwoven magazine (Notes).

Ms. Stubenitsky appreciates her colleagues for their contributions which underpin her beautiful book: Verda Eliot, Marguerite Gingras, Max Hailperin, Bonnie Inouye, Sandra Rude, and Alice Schlein. The vibrancy and explorations of these selected experts continues to lift the weaving community.


Stubenitsky, Marian Weaving with Echo and Iris. (Margreet Ward, translator.) Uden, Netherlands: pub. Drukwerk der Kinderen, 2015.

Stubenitsky, Marian, “Iridescent Echoes Table Mats”

Marian Stubenitsky’s website:

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