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Alice Schlein - Echo Weave (and Network Drafting) expand the imagination.

The weaving system known as Echo Weave is recognized as original work of Alice Schlein. In her article, “Echo Weave” first published in Weavers magazine, Schlein describes a practical approach to designing and understanding echo weave. Her colleague, Sandra Rude, says of echo weave: “In reading the article, I noted that echo weave is not a weave structure per se, rather it is a threading method that opens a new range of design possibilities….” (Rude, 2005).

Echo Weave threading emerged from her seminal book, Network Drafting an Introduction Through those earlier studies, Schlein was able to design curving rather than block arrangements and created a form that is more sweeping and natural. Echo Weaving begins as a twill design line drawn in the threading graph, which is then expanded by interleaving a second design line echoing the first design line - offset by some number of shafts. A design line can have two, three or more echoes. Schlein added further design elements to her echo weave patterns.


JIn / Turned Taqueté, unlike its sister Taqueté, does not use a binding end alternating in the warp, leaving plenty of room for expansive design in the warp pattern threading. (We find the stabilizing tabby in the weft treadling.) Jin takes advantage of “echoed” patterns, parallel threading and polychromatic color in the warp to add greater dimension and opportunities for color changes.

This drawdown by Alice Schlein is available at draft #74556

Alice Schlein - Turned Taquete (aka Jin Scarf) 8 shafts, silk noir warp, handspun wool weft

All images, including the image on the All Posts Page are from Alice Schlein’s blog Sept 17, 2020. Photos by artist.


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Schlein, Alice Network Drafting an Introduction Bridgewater Press, 1994

Rude, Sandra “Adventures in Parallel Threading, Part 1” Complex Weavers Journal October 2005, Issue 79 p 36).

Alice Schleins' webpage:

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