Study on Turned Taqueté Post #1

Prominent Weavers Explore Jin (or Turned Taqueté)

This posting is creating a space to examine a weave structure – Jin or Turned Taqueté. We will use this post and the following posts to gain insights about the structure and become knowledgeable of prominent weavers who have published on the topic. By following a timeline, we can see the “cross-pollination” of ideas, exploration, and understanding shared by our group of weavers (and many more weavers not mentioned here).


1986 (2nd ed. 2014) John Becker Pattern and Loom

1996 (Updated 2011 Monograph) Alice Schlein “Echo Weave: Something Old and Something New

2014 Marian Stubenitsky Weaving with Echo and Iris

2014 Inouye, Bonnie “Turned Taquete, an Introduction

2015 Stossel, Eva “Turned Taquete Variations

2017 Kovnat, Denise “The Warp that Keeps on Giving: Echo, Jin, Double Weave, Shadow Weave, and Warp Rep All in One Threading” and more…

The image on the All Post page is from Eva Stossel's website:

Photo by artist

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