Sheila Hicks, Online Exhibition at MAK

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SHEILA HICKS “Thread, Trees, River” at MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), in Vienna, Austria is available for online viewing until April 4, 2021. She is regarded as a textile artist of extraordinary breadth and depth; and as quoted from the website: “Sheila Hicks is one of the most important international artists active today”.

Following her start as a painter, Ms. Hicks studied directly with Josef Albers and Ani Albers, when enrolled at Yale. It was there that she learned of textiles and immersed herself in color, the Bauhaus movement and Modernism. Later, at the end of the 1950s she spent time studying architecture and culture in Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and Mexico . She combines her love of color, architecture, textiles, and culture into creations of monumental room-sized work and small pedestal-mounted or wall-hung explorations.

For those unused to viewing online exhibitions, enter the online museum exhibit and find the white circles highlighted on the floor in front of each artwork. Use the computer navigation keys to move forward or back; left or right for best viewing.

In addition, an interview with Sheila Hicks written by Alina Cohen for Artsy, the online gallery and published on May 2, 2019, offers additional images of her work and greater insight into the personal side of Ms. Hicks. From the interview: “She centers her life around making, and works at it daily.”

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