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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Laura Fry, Master Weaver, presents a series of blog posts (December 2020) summarizing weaving drafts from her own extensive library. Primarily the blog entries are focused on books about how to read basic drafts, different types of drafts, and complex weaving drafts. They also serve as a point of conversation with Ms. Fry, where she let's us know of her own processes and her personal connections with weaving. Laura Fry has been weaving for 45 years, 44 of those years as a production weaver.

In Part I, she reminds us Ms. Davidson (A Handweavers' Pattern Book) is writing drafts for a sinking shed loom instead of a rising shed loom, which has been a surprise to many weavers over time.

In Part VI, Ms. Fry shows a draft that relies on wet finishing...

(image, left is from Part IV, John Strong)

"here is a four shaft version showing...areas of plain weave, then diamonds with weft floats, then warp floats. Shown in liftplan because treadles tend to run out, so a direct tie up is more versatile even if it means holding down three treadles at once to get the different options."

Her blog series, an example of a master weaver's library, continues on through ten informative entries (so far...).

From Laura Fry's Blog: Weaving a Life (December 1 - 13, 2020)

Part I Marguerite Davidson A Handweavers' Pattern Book

Part II Mary K Black New Key to Weaving

Part III G. H. Oelsner A Handbook of Weaves

Part IV Watson's Textile Design and Colour

Part V Doris Goerner Woven Structure and Design

Part VI John Strong Fabric Structure

Part VII Marx Ziegler and Nathaniel Lumscher Ars Textrina Volume 13 and 14 (translated)

Part VIII A review of several books including two translated from Swedish

Part IX Virginia Harvey Park Weaves (based on Dr. Bateman's work)

Part X John Tovey Weaves and Pattern Drafting

The image on the All Posts page is from:

Ms. Fry is anticipating retirement and downsizing her weaving practice and her shop. She will continue teaching the Olds College (Canada) Master weaving classes. As she states in her blog, she is looking forward to less busy days.

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