"Pushing the Limits" Virtual Weaving Exhibition

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This virtual shaft weaving art exhibition was published online in December 1, 2020. It is a collection of "53 artists from all over the world [who] exhibit and give a good idea of the state of shaft weaving today." (quoted from oliviermasson.art website)

The image (above) is included in "Pushing the Limits" exhibition.

"Dynamic" Katharina Kronig: network drafted twill, 60/2s silk, 3 colors


The virtual exhibit is curated by Oivier Masson, France and Lala de Dios, Spain. Masson is a textile artist who works primarily in color and geometric designs, his book Shaft Weaving and Graph Design was published in 1987. de Dios defines herself as a 'textile activist' and is an art historian and organizes textile exhibits and events.

The introduction to the exhibition "What is shaft weaving?" describes shaft weaving for the public, but also lends weaving another poetic view; stating weaving is "physically much closer to music than painting in that the weaver can create color and graphic variations on a theme".

The exhibit allows for language selection, and 'watching' the video or 'visiting' each piece up close or from a distance.


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