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Updated: Nov 5

"Peggy Osterkamp’s special skill is making the richness of her training and experience accessible to students. In the series, Peggy Osterkamp’s New Guide to Weaving, she presents a wealth of weaving knowledge and research, much of it never available before in the United States.

... Her newest book, Weaving for Beginners, was published in 2010. It is all the beginner needs to know–for both Back-to-Front and Front-to-Back warping the loom. Plus chapters on computers, drafting, sett, selvedges–everything! It has received rave reviews from the weaving magazines, beginning weavers, as well as professionals.

The first book, How to Wind a Warp and Use a Paddle, explains how to make warps that will weave smoothly and easily. The second book in the series, Warping Your Loom and Tying On New Warps guides you through every step of beaming your warp and threading the loom. Book #3, Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth, explains thoroughly how to weave efficiently, use shuttles, make good selvedges, finishing your cloth, and much more.

Having her books at your loom is like having a patient, knowledgeable teacher at your side."

The text above is taken from Peggy Osterkamp's blog in the About section. She writes daily in her blog and is always sharing tips and ideas. Peggy's Blog is full of resources, and available at the url below and through free subscription.

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