Olivier Masson Writes about Network Drafting

Masson, a native of France is “well-known in jacquard weaving circles for the development of the Pointcarré jacquard and dobby weaving software, but he is also a shaft-loom weaver and inspires shaft-loom weavers with not only his own weaving but also his researching into weaving.” (from Stacy Harvey-Brown, https://www.theloomroom.co.uk)

Masson has created a new series of in-depth articles on Network Drafting and proceeds over the course of several articles to help us understand its' foundations and complexities. In the first article, Masson begins with the essential idea that network threading should “respect the plain weave”.

Next, he builds the idea of repeating a plain weave “initial” segment to create an entire network of plain weave.

After which, he defines base cloth threading, as simply a network of plain weave. The significance of the base cloth is summarized by Masson:

"This cloth has a base threading which, multiplied in width and height, gives a network. And we build a cloth whose threading is drawn on this network.

This cloth has the property of allowing large patterns, put in weave with any weave structure of the base drawdown.

This is network drafting.”

This last statement is emphatic and it is only the beginning of his careful analysis. Subscribe to see more of his articles and the comprehensive review of network drafting on his website.


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