May 12 - Weavers' Guild of Boston NEW Study Groups Program

As a new benefit to membership and a continuation of our educational charter, the Guild is announcing the launch of a new Study Groups Program.

On May 12, the program will be open for guild members to sign up. Go to the Education tab

Communicating is a key to success for study groups and the guild has built Study Groups to support the activities of its members. Study groups have the benefit of a private webpage on the WGB website for sharing projects and learning experiences, individual managers to assist each group and a Study Group Coordinator to connect with the guild. In addition, there are instructions for starting your own guild study group!

Not a member? Want to join a study group?

Signing up to become a new guild member is easy to do. Click on the link below.

Charles River Weavers at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, standing in front of their Study Group Inspiration: "Poppies in a hollow near Givergny". Monet 1885.

The photo above was supplied by Diane Chaisson.

The image on the All Posts page is the Weavers' Guild of Boston logo.

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