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Updated: Nov 5

The following is a partial quote from Laura Frye's blog (Aug. 27, 2020).

"I thought I would show the kind of information I work with when I'm planning a warp.

As mentioned previously, the threading is a point progression over 16 shafts.

(Why don't I call this point twill?  Because while the cloth is based on twill interlacement, it doesn't follow a strict twill tie up - see the tie up area.) I have woven this draft previously, but this time I was also incorporating stripes of colour and I wanted that high contrast colour to appear in the area of the cloth that would be showing diamonds.

The colours were not kept in strict stripe format, but at times I would mingle the two colours at the stripe borders to give a softer look and also so that the stripes did not become 'boring' to the eye.  Since there is a subtle change at the edges of the two colours, there is more interest and the stripes are less repetitive to view.

Since each stripe might be slightly different, rather than attempt to show the totality of the cloth, I kept that in my mind as I worked through the draft making sure I had the cloth weaving the way I wanted it, where I wanted it.

But it was all very fluid, not set in stone...."

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