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Updated: Nov 5

Kay Faulkner (1956 - 2019)

An Australian textile artist of renown, she was a hand weaver, designer, teacher and member of Complex Weavers. She was a prolific explorer of woven structures, new ideas, and ancient weaving techniques. On her blog you will find articles on woven shibori, ikat dyeing, profile drafting, pattern storage systems on the loom, and supplementary warps on a backstrap loom to name a few of her joys. She traveled throughout Indonesia and South East Asia, studying with native weavers and dyers and posted her weaving research on her blog. In 2017, she was part of the design and creation effort resulting in new robes for the Judges of the High Court of Australia.

Her comprehensive blog and the posted photos contribute to our knowledge of her explorations and valuable teaching. The breadth of her work, includes commission work, museum and gallery shows, and her weaving school which produced many excellent students. She continues to be sadly missed.

From Kay Faulkner's Blog December 2018

The photos below are arranged as a slider (look for the peach-colored arrows).

Above is an example of Kay's imaginative design process, as reported in her blog. Starting with an image of her son's tire tracks, she saw within it possibilities for a woven pattern based the tire tracks. Kay rotated the image and imagined letters: Progress! She next designed a two-unit weave structure (Summer and Winter) based on adaptations to the lettering. She even included color changes from the rotated image. Voila!


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