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Handweaving.net is a digital weaving archive with drafts, historic weaving documents, and more. This website currently contains 74564 hand weaving drafts and collections. These drafts are free to use and the community encourages users to subscribe in an effort to support the website.

The most recent addition to Handweaving.Net is a collection by Ingrid Boesel, master weaver; "Thrilling Twills", which contains over 4000 drafts of 5 - 32 shaft weaving drawdowns. This posthumous publication of her work is offered with permission.

The images below are from Ms. Boesel's Collection: https://handweaving.net/collection-drafts/collection/81/thrilling-twills-ingrid-boesel

8-Shaft Drawdown

12-Shaft Drawdown

Many Canadian weavers are familiar with Ms. Boesel in her role as teacher extraordinaire. In addition, she developed a different creative direction, and, beginning in 1985, together with Ken Keates developed Fiberworks - a computer program for weavers . Mr. Keates continues to develop and promote the software for Windows and MAC machines.

Handweaving.net offers Ms. Boesel's collection and many other downloadable weaving draft products which show the tie-up, threading, and treadling. WIFs are included but weaving software is not required to use these.

The website presents several ways to investigate and explore weaving drafts. You may search the resources and filter selections according to weaving structure categories or loom requirements (shafts and treadles) or original sources dating to 1784. You will see the drafts in variously-sized thumbnail images (small to large).

The All Posts page image is also Ms. Boesel's work: https://handweaving.net/collection-drafts/collection/81/thrilling-twills-ingrid-boesel


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