Updated: Nov 5

Handweaving.net is a digital weaving archive with drafts, historic weaving documents, and more. This website contains 69902 hand weaving drafts and collections. These drafts are free to use and the community encourages users to subscribe in an effort to support the website.

The downloadable weaving draft products show the tie-up, threading, and treadling. Many drafts are part of historical collections in .pdf format. WIFs are included but weaving software is not required to use these.

The website presents several ways to investigate and explore weaving drafts. You may search the resources and filter selections according to weaving structure categories or loom requirements (shafts and treadles) or original sources dating to 1784. You will see the drafts in variously-sized thumbnail images (small to large).

An example of the fun of using Handweaving.net as a weaving tool is demonstrated in a FB posting below. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Handweaving.net/photos/?ref=page_internal

Using the same drawdown, the image below is an example of the many possibilities available when you change the order of thread colors (4 shaft tie-up).

The Draft Color Editor, is the latest innovation from Handweaving.net where you can instantly apply different colors to any Handweaving.net draft or to your own drafts. Use the drafts to test your color choices and even apply options from your own yarn sources through your photo .jpgs!


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