Exploring Blended Drafts - Results!

Updated: Feb 5

Having spent time over this winter exploring Blended Drafts, I can readily see the mathematical underpinnings that support the outcomes, however, I think that blended drafts have a close resemblance to musical 'Mash-ups'. Using two or more drafts, one combines the threading, the tie-up and the treadling to create new possibilities when weaving.

For example, using Fiberworks program, I started with an overshot pattern:

Josephine Estes' Miniature Overshot Patterns

"Small All-Over" pg 1 Figure A

Josephine Estes 1956, WGB Publications

And combined it with a Twill Draft:

Mary Meigs Atwater Recipe Book

Patterns for Handweavers

1969 The Wheelwright Press

Series III no. 10 "Recipe for Day-Bed Cover

(section of twill pattern)


Here is one of my experiments, I added tabby with thin threads to improve the stability of the fabric. Not sure of the color, but...

The image on the All Post page is also one of my experiments

Sara White

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