Eva Stossel weaves pleats and shares!

In Eva Stossel's latest blog posting (1/23/21) she found inspiration for new weaving projects and created several woven projects based on "pleats, squiggles and waves".

Ms. Stossel found pertinent articles by Erica de Ruiter from Weaver's magazine: issue #31 "Magic Pleats on the Loom from Eight Shafts to Two", and issue #37 "Scarves in Diagonal Pleats ". She also cited an online.pdf from the Westfield Weavers Guild by Dawn McCarthy "Creating Texture with Pleats, Fulling and Shrinkage".

Ms. Stossel shares her experiences and resulting drawdowns with us, using either 8 shafts or 16 shafts.

Notes from her blog include advice about pleats.

"...in the photos above that on the loom there are no visible pleats, they really emerge only after wet finishing: I washed the scarf by hand, gently squeezed out the excess water, rolled it in a towel, and placed it down flat to dry, pulling on it vertically helping the pleats to magically emerge."

This close-up of a woven scarf (8-shaft) and the close-up on the All Posts page (16-shaft wvoen scarf) are by Eva Stossel.


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