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Updated: Nov 5

The following quotes are from Eva Stossel's blog, where one can find a compendium of her blog articles, gallery, and weaving drafts.

"In my childhood days in Romania, I was so fascinated by fibers and textiles that one day I cut a swatch out of my mother’s favorite heirloom tablecloth to add to my collection of fabric samples! As the years passed, my curiosity about how the things I collected were made led me to the study of handweaving, an ancient and beautiful art of infinite scope."

"...Today, I find weaving even more fascinating than I did in the past. I’m exploring ways to create unusual and intricate fabrics with the aid of weaving software and also to weave simple weave structures that are enhanced by painting and yarn texture."

"...I have received several awards for my work at weaving shows and have written articles in the Complex Weavers Journal. My most recent weaving work includes limited edition pieces.".

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