COVID-19 Closet Clean-Up Collaboration

One of the many creative members set their weaving guild on an inspired path.

Many of us have to embrace the challenge of change as we stay at home during the advancing COVID pandemic. My own story started with caring, over months, for my mother who then spent her last days in a rehab setting. While her death was unrelated to COVID. Grief came hand-in-glove with isolation, and an awareness of a rudderless world.

One bright spot was that my guild (Weavers' Guild of Boston - WGB) had moved to a Zoom platform in which to carry on with meetings and education programs. Sharing ideas with other weavers is always a boon. Someone suggested a group project, someone else suggested a theme: Reflections on feelings about home and security during this pandemic.

I began to ponder the manner in which quilters work on a community-pieced quilt, and suggested that the guild similarly could begin to collect woven swatches from members and use the opportunity to clean out our weaving closets – a sure benefit for us all! At the projects' end, and when the time is right, we will sit together as a community and create a wall hanging based on our theme of feelings about home and security.

Beginning with a quilt pattern: Attic Windows, I set dimensions and worked up a selection of block patterns to discuss with the committee. With approval, the call went out to the Boston Guild members via the Newsletter. A Zoom session presented to the Guild helped members make their own woven blocks.

The project got underway with wonderful results! I offered to be the collection point, and blocks and swatches have been arriving in my mailbox. So far, there are fifteen completed blocks that I have been juggling side by side on my work table, watching a story emerge.

I know that personal growth is often captured through weaving including the bits and pieces of samples that we make. The project and our theme of home and security has helped me and many in the guild forge a creative purpose during these difficult times.

(above) A mock-up of some of the member's blocks posted on Laurie's wall board.

The image on the All Posts page is from Laurie Steger House Blog with Stitching.

Laurie Steger

December 2020

Weaver’s Guild of Boston members can find full details on the WGB website. Blocks will be accepted through February 2021.

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