Blending Drafts

Recently I have been exploring blended drafts. Initially I saw the article "Understanding Blended Drafts" by Madelyn van der Hoogt which started me thinking...

My interest was in aid of creating something for the Weavers' Guild of Boston 100th Anniversary celebration happening in 2022!. In blended drafts, two patterns can be treadled independently (consecutively) on the same warp. In addition, treadling choices can also impact the order of the original patterns.

The ideas that comprise 'blended drafts' seem perfect for my plan to weave more than one pattern on a warp. The steps require weaving experience and close attention to learn the system in order to encompass both drafts in a new threading.

(above) This partial image is from the article by Donald W. Greenwood cited below, it is a woven piece combining Goose Eye Twill and Honeysuckle Overshot.

The image on the All Post page is from an "Overshot is Hot" article by Doramay Keasby found in The Best of Weavers, the towels are by Ms. Keasby, the photography is by Alexis Xenakis.


"Blended Drafts and Weaving" by Donald W. Greenwood The Weaver Vol VI Number 2 Apr - May 1941 (p 25 - 26) tw_6_2.pdf

"blended drafts for versatile design" by Doramay Keasby The Best of Weavers' "Overshot is Hot" (p 92 - 94) copyright 2008.

A Weavers' Book of 8-Shaft Patterns ed. Carol Strickler, from the Friends of Handwoven, copyright 1990.

"Understanding Blended Drafts" by Madelyn van der Hoogt Handwoven May/June 2020 (p 18 - 19).

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