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Updated: Jan 26

It is a new year, and a new beginning. Alice Schlein began looking for new ideas and started with a pointed twill threading on nine shafts and expanded it to a straight threading on 16 shafts. The transition became a wonderful example of what one can do with sampling! She asks us to think about what we can do using similar techniques.

In the image below from her Blog "Weaverly", Alice has provided us with 10 versions of the pointed twill threading complete with tie-up and 'weave as drawn-in' treadling. Below each example is the 16-shaft version with the straight threading and again a 'weave as drawn-in' treadling.

To be able to expand the image above, go to Alice's Blog and zoom in.

Image (left) is by Alice Schlein 1/21/21, as is the Image on the All Posts page.

Alice Schlein's Blog

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