A Note from the Librarian - Jan 1, 2021

Hello Guild members and book lovers:

The Guild library continues to remain closed to visitors but as librarian, I am able to access it if anyone requests a book. Currently, you can find the library catalog posted on the WGB website for members only. The catalog is sorted by Title and Author. If you see a specific book that you’d like to borrow or know of a book you’d like and don’t see it, I’d be glad to check on the status of that book(s), and then we can work out arrangements for a pickup either at the WGB Meetign site in Westborough, or an agreed on meetup spot. Due to the current winter break and the reduced volume of requests, books can stay out for a period of 2 months.

Currently, Nancy and I are working on revising our library catalog for organization and clarity. We hope to then transfer our catalog into an online platform called LibraryThing. LibraryThing is a free online service that helps libraries catalog their books and share them with others via phone or computer.

LibraryThing offers powerful tools for cataloging and tracking books and dvds, with access to the Library of Congress, six national Amazon sites, and more than 2,200 libraries worldwide. One of the tools that LibaryThing offers is the ability edit/filter our information, search and sort it, "tag" books with detailed subjects, and use various classification systems. The site gives recommendations and is a outstanding research tool.

Currently, we are using the Pourrey Cross Textile Classification System to organize the collection. We can also share our library with other Guilds and see what they have as well. The site gives recommendations and is a outstanding research tool.

Soon we will create a user name and password for all members to have access to our most updated catalog yet and a superior method of perusing books. Down the road, we hope to move to an even friendlier interface called Tiny Cat. This website works directly with LibraryThing but is a paid subscription and is a bit “prettier”, more user friendly, and will eventually allow members to request books and other articles online. We are very excited about moving into the tech world and will keep you posted!


The library has recently acquired the following new books, most purchased and donated by Guild members - thank you for your generosity!

Double Twist by Marian Stubenitsky

3-D Hand Loom Weaving- Sculptural Tools and Techniques by Sally Eryring

(donated by the Author)

Honeycomb Hybrids by Stacey Harvey-Brown

(donated by Ruth Buchman)

The Art is the Cloth - How to look at and understand tapestry by Micala Sidore (donated by Barbara Elkins)

Stay tuned for book reviews of our new acquisitions!

Thanks so much. Stay well and be merry!

Joanne - Guild Librarian

Nancy - Asst. Librarian

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