If you are already a current member of WGB, please use this link to go to the Membership Renewal page.  You will need to sign in to your account (or create a website account if you do not have one).  Online Renewals begin on July 1 and are open until August 10.
Lapsed members must use this form to reinstate their membership.

Joining the Weavers' Guild of Boston allows you to attend classes at a reduced rate, enter the ratings program, borrow from our extensive library, and participate in the Annual Sale.  A Yearbook in PDF format will be updated each year, and is available for download in the Members section on the website.  You will receive an ID tag to wear at the meetings.   Membership dues are $45 for the year beginning August 1st through the next July 31st.


Joining the guild as a first-time member is easy!  Just fill out the form below, press Submit, and then proceed to pay the membership dues of $45.  You will receive a confirmation and your Guild membership number. 


Photo by Helen Sandoz