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Guild Meeting video is available through Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020

View the video of our October Afternoon Lecture - Parallel Threads that Parallel Life

Daryl Lancaster, artist, teacher, hand-weaver, writer, and professional dressmaker/designer with over 50 years experience will be discussing her views and her perspective on hand-woven clothing, recycled experiences and the creative process.  Daryl will talk about her adventurous journey over the years with hand-woven clothing showing images and samples of her fabrics and garments

Available through Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

Lancaster 10.14.20 lecture.jpg
Weavers Helping Weavers Videos - October 2020
October 14 Weavers Helping Weavers II

Covid 19 Closet Clean-up Collaboration Project - Laurie Steger

The Covid 19 Lockdown has everyone cleaning closets, reaching into their personal weaver’s archives, finding pieces of woven samples or scraps that stir memories of the time it was made.  This project represents how we feel about home and security in this pandemic. 

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for Spring Workshops will begin on December 1st.  Check back then.

Once Upon a Warp - Denise Kovnat

March 10, 2021

This video from the March meeting is available until Sunday, March 14, 2021.

November 11 Weavers Helping Weavers I

Guild Challenge – “Getting Back to Our Roots” - Beth Guertin

In celebration of the guild’s 100th anniversary, the challenge for 2020-2021 is to choose a pattern from the list of resources listed on the website that were popular in the 1920’s when the guild was started and modernize it in a scarf.

Details on the website - Membership tab - click on Guild Programs.

No upcoming events at the moment

View the video of our April Afternoon Lecture - ​​ From the Beginning, and Into the Future

Kris Bruland, creator of, discusses the history of the site, major content and feature areas including drafts and digital archive documents. The presentation includes an overview of draft collections, special features such as the common threading search and color editor, some unique and beautiful drafts, future plans, questions and answers, and more! 

Available through Sunday, April 18, 2021


Upcoming Events

Spring 2021 Programs

Due to Covid-19, all Workshops, Meetings, and Afternoon Speakers for the spring will be

held as Zoom meetings.  Registration is required for all events.  General Meetings and Afternoon Speakers are free.

  • All workshops, meetings, and afternoon speakers will be recorded.  Videos will be on the website by the weekend.

  • Workshop videos will be available to registered attendees and will be open for 48 hours.

  • Afternoon speaker videos will be available for 48 hours and will be open to members only.  Meeting videos will remain on the website until the next meeting.

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