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Please add your name to the Wait List above if a class is full.  With enough interest, we may be able to offer an extra session or two.

Guild Meeting video is available through Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020

View the video of our October Afternoon Lecture - Parallel Threads that Parallel Life

Daryl Lancaster, artist, teacher, hand-weaver, writer, and professional dressmaker/designer with over 50 years experience will be discussing her views and her perspective on hand-woven clothing, recycled experiences and the creative process.  Daryl will talk about her adventurous journey over the years with hand-woven clothing showing images and samples of her fabrics and garments

Available through Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

Weavers Helping Weavers Videos - October 2020
October 14 Weavers Helping Weavers II

Covid 19 Closet Clean-up Collaboration Project - Laurie Steger

The Covid 19 Lockdown has everyone cleaning closets, reaching into their personal weaver’s archives, finding pieces of woven samples or scraps that stir memories of the time it was made.  This project represents how we feel about home and security in this pandemic. 

View the video of our November Afternoon Lecture - Couture Passementerie through the Eyes of a Fiber Artist

Robyn Spady shares insight into how many couture fashion designers incorporated passementerie into their garments from the perspective of how simple some of the techniques are and how they could be easily recreated and adapted into our own wardrobes.  Passementerie encompasses a multitude of techniques used to create embellishments.  It includes the creation of buttons, cording, trim, garment closures, braiding, tassels, and much more. 

Available through Saturday, Nov 14, 2020

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting: A special Photography workshop is scheduled for August 26, 10am - Noon.  Fall meetings have been cancelled in-person due to COVID-19.  They will be held on Zoom: September 9, October 14 and November 11.

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