Any person holding a full Guild membership in good standing for at least one year may apply for an Education Grant.  Grant categories include WGB morning and special workshops, registration fees for NEWS and Convergence, and skill development.


Application forms are located on the WGB website, and shall be e-mailed to the Education Chair at



The monies will be reimbursed AFTER the class/workshop is completed.  Proof of attendance shall be sent to the Education Grants Chair.  Please contact the Education Grants Chair for consideration of special payment circumstances.  For research or special projects, contact the Education Grants Chair.*


It is an honor to receive an education grant.  As a requirement of receiving a grant, WGB requests that the recipient share the knowledge gained within three months after category completion. 


Ways to give back include the following:


  • Write an article for the Bulletin describing your experience. (photos appreciated).

  • Provide sample weaving drafts for the Bulletin. 

  • Prepare a notebook for the library of samples, notes and photos of your workshop or research.

  • Teach a complimentary morning workshop, if you have prior teaching experience.  


For questions or to submit an application, contact



*Please note there is a lifetime cap per member for Education Grants of $1,000.