100th Anniversary Celebration

In 2022 WGB will celebrate their centennial anniversary by having two exhibits at local museums. 

The show at Fuller Craft Museum will be a juried exhibit featuring the work of many of our talented weavers. The exhibit will run from May 2022 through September 2022. The Call for Artists (link below) presents the theme for weaving and the process for submitting work. There will be an opening reception at Fuller, date to be determined.

The second venue will be at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation (CRM) in Waltham where weaving in mills began.  The Lowell Mills were modeled after the processes set up in the Waltham mills.  Our exhibit will feature the Weavers' Guild of Boston's rich history, including our educational programs, our rating program, and the individual members of our guild who have had an influence on the weaving world.  Members will have another place to exhibit work, including a beautiful display of cascading scarves from our annual challenges.  This exhibit will run from July 2022 through 2023.  There will be opportunities for weaving demonstrations and a speaker series open to the public.

Two other planned events are a gala luncheon at CRM on Sunday, October 16, 2022, and a fun party at the May 10, 2023 Guild meeting to celebrate the 100th.

Details will be posted here and in the bulletin as they become available.

Please check this space frequently for ways to volunteer and participate.

View the Video: Julia Flanders talks about weaving for the Fuller

Please Note these Deadlines

September 15, 2021        Music Challenge Scarves and paperwork due to Beth Guertin

September 15, 2021        Getting Back to Our Roots Challenge Scarves and paperwork due to Beth Guertin

September 12, 2021    Submissions to the Fuller Craft exhibit due to Beth Guertin  

                                          (Note:  Fuller changed the jury date.)

Members may download the Guild Challenge documents and project sheet at the 'Programs' page

Thinking of Weaving for the Fuller Exhibit?

Julia Flanders and Laurie Steger are offering Zoom coaching to assist with your creative process and to provide a community of support for your project.  Each meeting will be approximately 30-45 minutes - we are flexible on time.

Tentative Schedule : (dates to be decided)

  • In September - Concept development / expression of theme/ thumbnail sketching/ collaging the possibilities/ initial finishing and hanging ideas

  • In October - Implementation / designing parameters/ choice for materials and techniques/ other technical challenges/ sampling

  • In November - Production / set up and the maker stage/

  • In December - Finishing / hanging devices/ pedestal stability/ evaluating for added details

Do you have questions?  Is there a topic you would like to discuss?  What kind of assistance can we give to help you be successful in this work?

Want to join us?  Email Julia (julia.s.flanders@gmail.com) or Laurie (lauriesteger11@gmail.com) to be invited to the next Zoom meeting.  Or