Guild Brochure

The guild brochure is a two-sided sheet folded into thirds accordian-style.  It is designed to be printable on a variety of home computers or delivered as a pdf to a professional printer. If you want the annual schedule of classes and speakers, print the one-page Full Schedule.

Choose Color Brochure * or Black and White Brochure.

For many printer and operating system configurations, the following suggestions will work. However, given the wide variety of configurations, you may need to experiment with your settings.

Set Acrobat and Printer dialog options to center, landscape, and turn off all options such as scaling or extra margin for binding that might change the size or location of the content area. After printing both sides, fold as illustrated at right. 

Brochure - trifold

Fast Folding

Place brochure inside (side 2) up.  Bring the third with the cover on the bottom up and fold the cover down so its edge meets the cut line of the registeration form.  Turn the brochure over and fold registration form up and over so its edge meets the first fold.

Printing Double-Sided

Some home printers support double-sided printing either automatically or with instructions on how to manually load the paper tray for the second side. Find the two sided option in your printer dialog and enable it.

If your printer does not support double-sided, you can print side 1 and then side 2 in a separate operation.  In the Acrobat dialog, setting Subset to Odd pages will print page 1 in as many copies as you asked.  When the odd page(s) are finished, load them onto the paper stack, wwitch to Subset to Even pages and the number of copies again. Then print the second side.

Do test printings first to work out the orientation and which side up
when loading for side 2. This varies across printers

Trouble Shooting

If you are going to print black ink only, be sure to use the Black and White version.  It has been optimized for black ink only.

Printing a folded brochure can be a bit tricky because the location and size of the content area must be precise.  A common problem is that folding as described above does not yield all edges meeting where they should. Do expect a little variation and folding may be off up to +- 1/16".  For a greater deviation, read on.

The brochure must be in landscape on 8.5" x 11" paper. Printing will work only on printers that have minimum margins (non-printable area) as follows:

  • Along the 8.5" edge, 5/8" or less each edge
  • Along the 11" edge, 3/8" or less each edge

You also need to set your print options to prevent your printer from trying to scale the image in any way. Printer and Acrobat dialogs vary, but here are the kinds of settings you want (check both Acrobat and Printer Properties dialogs.)

  • Orientation:  Landscape
  • Page/Image Scaling:  None, or set 100% or Actual Size
  • Resize to Fit: Off
  • Minimize Margins:  Off
  • If you have told your printer Double-Sided, make sure that there is nothing relating to a booklet publishing enabled as this can add unwanted margin.

Take care that your input paper stack is well lined up with the bottom and side guides touching the sides of the stack, and that you have fed the paper in straight.  Some papers will be "picked" more cleanly than others, so use the recommended weight (24 lb is common.)

If you find the content too light or too dark, try increasing the print quality (it should not have to be best), or asking for more or less saturation in the printer dialog.

Print test copies till you are satisfied before moving on to printing multiple copies at once.

* Almost everyone has Adobe Acrobat Reader, needed to open PDF documents. If you do not, download it from which is a trusted site. picture of Guild Brochure