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To stay in close touch with ongoing Guild activities, check the WGB Facebook Page.  You will find prompt notice of openings in workshops, among other notices, here.

There are individual mailboxes for some specific topics:

MEMBERSHIP:  Inquiries about Guild Membership should be sent to:

DISCUSSION GROUPS:  The Guild has two Yahoo listserv Discussion Groups,  one for members and one for the Guild Board of Directors. If you are a member interested in joining a discussion group, contact:  Please include your name.

EDUCATION GRANTS:  For additional information about Education Grants, contact:

MORNING WORKSHOPS:  For additional information about the Guild's Morning Workshops, contact:

OUTREACH:  Organizations wishing Outreach support from the Guild, or for information about guild-sponsored outreach activities, and for members who would like to volunteer for outreach acvities, contact:

EXHIBIT and SALE:  To receive a postcard or email notifying you of the Guild's Annual Exhibit and Sale, contact:

You will also find individuals' contact information on some pages.

All other email inquiries/comments, questions about the Guild in general, or textile questions should be sent to:


The Weavers' Guild of Boston
P.O. Box 366
Andover, MA 01810

Questions/suggestions/problems with the website: